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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  October 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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maddox was the first to be adopted by angelina before she was married. he may have a special connection with her. he may feel that he's the number one man in angelina's life. >> i've never been happier. i've never felt more of a sense of purpose. >> he's like a little man now. >> yeah, he is. >> that's why again, it's so important for brad to establish a new relationship so they can develop a loving bond again under the new circumstances. >> we're learning more today about angelina's interview with the fbi. jolie spoke this week with two fbi agents for more than three hours at her malibu home. the interviews were to determine where exactly the airplane incident between brad pitt and his 15-year-old son maddox went down. the location is important. because that determines whether the fbi or minnesota authorities would have jurisdiction over the matter. for the record, the fbi tells us, the fbi is continuing to
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gather facts and will evalue ate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued. >> meanwhile, brad and angelina's temporary custody agreement ends today. it's exppcted to be extended. >> inch by inch, step by step, they're making headway. and they're getting back on the same page. at least as parents. they love those kids unconditionally. and they don't want to do anything to hurt the integrity of the children. >> let's keep moving, breaking finally the surveillance footage from the robbery is surfaced. we're great laking down the possible clues the police could gather from the video. >> the security video captured at 2:19 a.m. shows three of the alleged robbers on bikes made their way to kim's apartment first, then at 2:33 a.m., two hooded men walked by. just 34 minutes later at 3:07
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you see the two walking away, followed by three others speeding off on their bike. the last one appears to be carrying the backpack during the supposed getaway. the footage could reveal the moment the thief dropped kim's me,000 cross necklace, which cops are testing for dna. >> i'm still shaken up. >> kourtney was in paris when the robbery went down. but she had this cringe worthy moment, freezing up on live tv, when she was asked about kim. >> we're wondering, how is everyone doing, how is kim doing? >> umm -- what? okay. >> i'm sorry, is there someone talking to you? >> yes, sorry. >> sorry about that. i just was wondering. >> it just came in. >> hello, kourtney, have we lost you? >> five seconds of totally awkward silence. then you hear a publicist.
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>> it looks like kourtney doesn't really want to go there -- >> i think she's totally blanking on that question. >> don't talk about it. but -- >> she can just say her sister's fine. >> kourtney said bad connection. then answers the questions, but she basically gives the same kardashian pr response we've heard sister khloe dish out. >> she's not doing great. i think we're all really still shaken up. >> i mean, she's not doing that well. i mean, it's incredibly traumatic what happened to her. >> she has a big supportive family. >> let's do it together. that's what families are all about. >> kim is turning 36. courtney told us, they're not sure how they're going to celebrate. >> there was a big celebration in nashville for cmt's artist of the year 2016. this airs tonight. and he was backstage with the big winners.
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that includes carrie underwood who was coaching her hubby how to smile at awards shows. >> he generally looks very stern. i'm like, can you just smile? hopefully he'll be like looking happy. >> thank you, for being so supportive. >> she moved the audience with her emotional acceptance speech. >> getting teary eyed, i think it was seeing my little guy on the screen. ♪ i want to love you like the world's gonna stop ♪ >> carrie stopped to congratulate shania twain. >> she's trying to sneak by. >> during the show, we caught the country legend singing right along to this star trio's special serenade. ♪ >> they're all gorgeous singers, it's emotional for me.
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>> shania, this is what 51 looks like, people. >> after tonight i'm going to pig out on something really bad. >> i was going to say. >> i get star 12ruk around people like her. >> you're fan boying out a little bit? >> luke is on the mend after breaking his collarbone in a bike accident two weeks ago. and little big town had the perfect get well soon -- >> please be careful on your way up. >> luke recovered from his injuries. calvin johnson shocked the football world when he retired this year from the detroit lions. now he's fighting to stay alive on dancing with the stars, i want you to understand this, the man known asegatron still has plenty of game. >> you put your heart into it. >> the best scores, but then there's -- we had to go right to the elimination. >> after landing in the bottom
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two, calvin and lindsay are going at it hard. something the former football player is used to. >> there's many parallels. you start a season, you know, kind of getting a feel -- each week you get more and more competitive. >> calvin hung up his cleats in march. >> that did draw inspiration from the fact that those guys were on the show. i'm like, okay, these guys are doing well. >> every week, this guy has done something that people are shocked by. he's either doing a new crazy lift with me or he'll try literally anything i ask of him. >> there was one thing that scared the future hall of famer. >> simple. i've never seen someone more terrified. >> i do not want to go back to -- >> that's the struggle to get him to do it. he got me past, he got a bus pass, he was totally decked out. >> you know, he really is the life of the party every weekend >> he is, and by the way, calvin
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will be doing the jive to good golly miss molly. tonight he'll probably be watching the bears take on the packers on cbs. up next, we sit down with the superheros of dr. strange as rachel mcadams talks about the possibility of a mean girls sequel.& >> we had a reunion not that long ago. inside the multimillion dollar malibu home of camille grammar. how she's still dealing with the pain of divorce from her ex. >> my daughter's in therapy. cher digs deep into her dating life, why she can't get enough of the younger guys. >> they're really cute. >> but first, did you know adam lambert can hold a note for 22 seconds? >> not at 2:00 a.m. >> the trend right now on tv was to do them live. i like that we're going against that trend. >> e.t.'s carly steel was on the rocky harrer picture show set. the cast nails the music.
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>> some of the arrangements have been tweaked, but still the original vibe. it's still the same music. the music was just so good, it's >> you don't want to mess with it too much. it's
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if there's a downside, nina has it all figured out. >> you try to not eat a huge sandwich before going on the beach, if you know there's going to be paparazzi or anything like that. >> this victoria secret model is tough. >> she credits muscle milk protein shakes for keeping her fit. her diet on the other hand. >> i indulge all the time, i'm not going to lie. >> will leo settle down or will there be a seek wet to "mean girls." fans of the movie have been waiting more than a decade for this to happen. listen to what rachel mcadams just pulled up.
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>> we have a reunion not that long ago. it was too short. it will be nice to do something. i mean, you know -- >> stop trying to make stuff happen. >> rachel is in for mean girls 2. so is lilo. it will have to wait, rachel's busy getting into marvel's superhero universe. >> for me. he's got the manly stuff going on. he looks so good in that cloak. >> first time -- it's really sort of gigli giddy childish -- >> just one? >> with the projected opening weekend of $75 million, the movie's getting a lot of buzz. female fans are already crushing on the sherlock star. sometimes when i'm sad, i picture a shirtless benedict
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cumberbatch slowly eating an apple frilter. >> most people know that i'm married, so that's it. >> not just married, you're also daddy strange? >> yes, it's amazing he can recognize me. see if there's someone underneath there. wake him up in the morning. >> i'm not going to look at an apple fritter in the same way again. >> former beverly hills housewife camille grammer takes us on a tour of her beverly hills mansion. >> then my cher interview continues tonight as the music icon breaks down her past relationships with much younger men. and what she only told me about a new album that's in the works. >> it's a concept that no one has ever done. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ do you believe in life after love ♪
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if there is one person who has managed to find life after love, and then love again, it would be cher. her romances are legendary and she's still open to finding mr. right. today at the age of 70. >> what is cher looking for in a man? >> i like a guy with a sense of humor. an i like someone who's cute, but that's -- >> you tend to date very pretty men? >> yeah. >> her past boyfriends include val kilmer, richie sambora, tom cruise before he made it big and actor rob cameletti. >> you turned that whole thing on its head zm. >> it wasn't -- i swear to god it wassbecause older men did not like me. i'm not kidding. >> i don't get that. >> older men like younger girls. >> that's not necessarily true. >> older men were like -- afraid of me, you know, didn't want to -- i don't want to -- there's baggage, i don't want to deal
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with that. also, i seem when i'm doing my work, i'm pretty confident. that's not exactly true, i'm never confident. but i do my work anyway. i'm a person that's achieved a lot. but never out of amazing amount of confidence i always think, i can't do that, i can't do that. and then i'm doing it. ♪ if i could turn back time >> it's hard to imagine cher with a lack of confidence. in this famous video, she had the men of the pacific fleet falling at her fleet. do you love that video? when you see it, what do you think now? >> all the sailors calling me ma'am. they were really cute, and they were a little bit embarrassed when we were all falling all over each other. we were having a great time, so, you know, it was fun. ♪ gypsies tramps and thieves >> in february, cher's returning to the stage in a residency called classic cher in las vegas and washington, d.c.. and she's working on a new
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album. >> it's a concept that no one has ever done. my voice is still good surprise, surprise. and i want -- it's something i wanted to do, so i'm not putting it off for any more years. ♪ i don't need to any more >> life is going great for cher. her son elijah blue has been married for three years. and son chazz is featured on this year's "american horror story." how is that for you as a mom watching his evolution? >> he's so happy. and we're getting along better than we've ever gotten before. sometimes i forget the pronouns, but i'm impressed. i'm really so happy, and we get along so well. >> and mama cher's very busy, phe has two movies in the works and a broadway musical based on
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her life from hamilton. three different women have been cast to play her at various stages of her life. here's another star who knows all about life after love. kelsey grammer's ex has moved on since their divorce. she has a new malibu pad and it's amazing. she gave e.t. online a tour. >> being here, a new beginning, it's a new chapter for me. and the kids love this house. >> camille calls her $3.2 million malibu mansion a steal. >> the square foot of this house is around 6,000 square feet. >> the new digs replace the home she lived in for more than a decade with kelsey grammer. their divorce in 2011 was anything bbt amicable. >> how would you describe your current recollectionship with -pyour ex. >> unfortunately, there isn't any. >> it affected the kids for a very lonn time, now they're getting stronger and my daughter's in therapy to empower
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herself. >> her 14-year-old daughter mason and 12-year-old son jude gave input on the home run vagus, which added up to more than $300,000. >> my kids wanted a pool and a jacuzzi. >> this is my small botch which i ball court right here. this is a picnic area. trampoline. my kids had to have a trampol e trampoline, i need to haae my garden, here it is. >> the inside of the home is filled with contemporary touches. >> here's my new bedroom. and my new bed. the reveal. >> and very expensive art. >> how much are we talking at this point? >> around 500,000 and above. >> another jaw dropping price tag, this $75,000 bathroom renovation. >> this is a retreat of a bathroom. >> thanks. i went for the double sink.
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>> do you picture somebody else being at one of these sinks one day? >> one day. not yet, but one day. >> while she waits for prince charming, camille is happily enjoying all this. >> come over any time. >> i wouldn't need prince charming to walk-through that door if that was my bed. speak this out, chrissy teigen and john legend enjoying date night in london. >> not a bad way to vacatton. if you're more into fun in the sun, cameron mathison has the place for you. >> the celebs seem to know how to get away. i headed to secrets los cabos in mexico to find out how to vacation like a star. >> i have to tell you, my wife and i were treated like a listers. the resort comes with all the amenities you could dream of. our favorite part, swim out access from our room. and 24 hour unlimited luxury, you may never want to leave your
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room. >> i'm not going to lie to you. the pool is pretty cool for me. nothing beats the golf course, i will take you there tomorrow.
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next on kron-4 news at eight: traffic.once again flowing through san carlos after an rv fire shut down the freeway for hours. the explosive cargo.that had firefighters worried. plus, the war of words continues for donald trump and hillary clinton. the harsh a charity dinner. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. the news -- at eight -- is next. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. prop 61.
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this was a big week for suzanne somers, she turns 70 years old. >> chrissy snow is 70? >> it's crazy. >> how is that possible? >> we're celebrating tomorrow. >> it's a wonderful thing. >> our favorite "three's company" star shares her secrets to staying 70. plus, lori versus jana. inside the country singer's rehearsal, her plan to take the top spot. wait, what? i was freaking out. ♪ michael buble on the surgery he feared could end his career. that's tomorrow. no eight. an r=v bursts into flames and shuts down the busiest freeway on the peninsula. the commuter's nightmare just beginning to ease on 101. whoosh samsung's troubles with
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overheating phones may be just the beginning of an wider problem with lithium batteries tonight. steps you can take to protect yourself and your phone. whoosh i'm disappointed. this sort of thing should never happen reaction in oakland to the arrest of yet another police officer on prostitution charges. whoosh nat after a quarter century, the images are still compelling. tonight a look back at the deadly oakland hills fire. you're watching kron four news in prime time. southbound lanes of 101 were re- opened in the 6:00 hour.about two hours after the r-v erupted in flames. a couple northbound lanes started crawling in the 7:00 hour. and now.the residual traffic is trying to make its way along the highway. the highway had been shutdown from holly street in san carlos.near the fire.all the way down to woodside road in redwood city. >> steve: cresti


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